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Our research demonstrates there’s a website security problem in Australia, across a wide variety of business sectors

Statistically there's a strong likelihood your site WILL be attacked

  • More than half of Australian businesses were subject to some form of cyber-attack in the last year
  • About 50% of all cyber-attacks are on websites or web applications
  • 95% of websites we tested had at least one major security issue, meaning they’re vulnerable to these attacks

These topics among many others are explored in detail within our 30-page, evidence-based Report ‘Cybersecurity: The State of Australian Websites’ – download it for free below.

Test your own website security for free

  • Globally preferred cybersecurity scanning and penetration testing technology
  • Easy-to-use analytics indicating your exposure to risk
  • Over 55,000 checks carried out against all known threats/vulnerabilities

Know your web security risk

Discover and eradicate all known vulnerabilities including misconfigurations, absence of patches, encryption weaknesses, out-of-date libraries, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and OWASP Top 10. Exploits also mapped to NIST 800- 53 & MITRE ATT@CK Frameworks

International-class scanning technology

World-beating cyber security analysis & reporting platform developed by senior cyber security experts with decades of experience in the field 

  • Checks for hundreds of thousands of known issues
  • Tests SSL Certificates Health,
  • Port Vulnerability Scans
  • Tests APIs 

Your website security journey

Our ‘Test, Fix & Maintain’ model means right from the start you’ll have precise information about your site’s security position enabling you to decide what level of risk – and therefore service and product level – you’re comfortable with


Products and services are then priced and provided accordingly

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