How to use Linked Helper 2 as a LinkedIn Data Export Tool


One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it allows you to download a CSV file with your first-degree connections information. This file, however, lacks the email and phone numbers of the profile. However, provided your first-degree connection has provided this information on your LinkedIn, it can easily be obtained by Linked Helper 2. […]

Killnet Hits European Parliament Website with DDoS Attack


Staying true to its reputation of being known for relying majorly on DDoS attacks, the pro-Kremlin hacking group Killnet has struck again and this time, their target was the European Parliament website. This DDoS attack took place after the governing body voted to declare the Russian government a state sponsor of terrorism.  The distributed denial-of-service […]

Police Seize iSpoof domains as UK’s largest bank call scam is disrupted


Around one hundred people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom’s biggest-ever fraud operation. The Scotland Yard has also shut down iSpoof domains which served as a spoofing hub for scammers. Reportedly, through that website, scammers stole tens of millions of pounds from British citizens through fake bank phone calls. The […]

Bahamut Using Fake VPN Apps to Steal Android User Credentials


Bahamut is a notorious cyber-mercenary group that has been active since 2016 and is currently targeting Android devices with fake VPN apps and injecting malware to steal user credentials. The malware-laden apps were first discovered by Slovakian cybersecurity firm ESET’s Lukáš Štefanko. Beware of Bahamut ESET researchers discovered a new attack spree from the infamous […]

New RansomExx Ransomware Variant Rewritten in the Rust Programming Language


The operators of the RansomExx ransomware have become the latest to develop a new variant fully rewritten in the Rust programming language, following other strains like BlackCat, Hive, and Luna. The latest version, dubbed RansomExx2 by the threat actor known as Hive0091 (aka DefrayX), is primarily designed to run on the Linux operating system, although […]

Millions of Android Devices Still Don’t Have Patches for Mali GPU Flaws


A set of five medium-severity security flaws in Arm’s Mali GPU driver has continued to remain unpatched on Android devices for months, despite fixes released by the chipmaker. Google Project Zero, which discovered and reported the bugs, said Arm addressed the shortcomings in July and August 2022. “These fixes have not yet made it downstream […]

Boost Your Security with Europe’s Leading Bug Bounty Platform


As 2022 comes to an end, now’s the time to level up your bug bounty program with Intigriti. Are you experiencing slow bug bounty lead times, gaps in security skills, or low-quality reports from researchers? Intigriti’s expert triage team and global community of ethical hackers are enabling businesses to protect themselves against every emerging cybersecurity […]

Bahamut Cyber Espionage Hackers Targeting Android Users with Fake VPN Apps


The cyber espionage group known as Bahamut has been attributed as behind a highly targeted campaign that infects users of Android devices with malicious apps designed to extract sensitive information. The activity, which has been active since January 2022, entails distributing rogue VPN apps through a fake SecureVPN website set up for this purpose, Slovak […]

This Android File Manager App Infected Thousands of Devices with SharkBot Malware


The Android banking fraud malware known as SharkBot has reared its head once again on the official Google Play Store, posing as file managers to bypass the app marketplace’s restrictions. A majority of the users who downloaded the rogue apps are located in the U.K. and Italy, Romanian cybersecurity company Bitdefender said in an analysis […]

Black Basta Ransomware Gang Actively Infiltrating U.S. Companies with Qakbot Malware


Companies based in the U.S. have been at the receiving end of an “aggressive” Qakbot malware campaign that leads to Black Basta ransomware infections on compromised networks. “In this latest campaign, the Black Basta ransomware gang is using QakBot malware to create an initial point of entry and move laterally within an organization’s network,” Cybereason […]