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Akamai Mitigated Record-Breaking DDoS Attack Against European Customer

On Monday, 12th September 2022, cybersecurity firm Akamai mitigated a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS Attack), which has been declared a record-breaking attack in terms of packets-per-second compared to the attack Akamai recorded in July.

For your information, cybercriminals bombard servers with fake requests and traffic to prevent legit visitors from accessing their services in a DDoS attack.

The primary targets of the attack Akamai recorded recently were European companies. It peaked at 704.8 million packets per second, marking the second attack on such a massive scale against the same customer within a short span of three months.

According to Akamai’s Craig Sparling, prior to June 2022, this customer only saw attack traffic against its primary data center. However, unexpectedly, the attack campaign expanded, hitting six different global locations, from Europe to North America.

Akamai Prolexic’s DDoS specialization culture, focus on customer infrastructure designs, and history are rooted in defending the most complex, multifaceted attacks, and our platform is equipped with purpose-built tooling for rapid threat mitigation, even in the ‘fog of war.

Sean Lyons, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Infrastructure Security

The attack was thwarted on the same day it was identified. Though not the largest DDoS attack ever, this one raised eyebrows because it was the largest attack against European organizations. The attackers used UDP as their DDoS vector and ICMP, SYN, RESET floods, TCP anomaly, PUSH flood, etc.

Attackers managed to target more than 1,800 IP addresses of a single organization, and the attack was dispersed at six different locations. Akamai noted that this attack originated from the same threat actor that targeted it previously, while the target is also the same unnamed customer based in Eastern Europe.

Previously, the attacker targeted the company’s primary data; this time, they could target 6 data center locations in North America and Europe.

Akamai Mitigated a Massive DDoS Attack Against its European Customer

As shown above, Akamai recorded a humongous 659.6 MPPS DDoS attack back in July. The latest attack was 7% higher than the one in July. The company received 74 DDoS attacks before July, and around 200 attacks afterward. The company stated that this campaign indicates attackers continuously improve their attack techniques to evade detection.

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