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Ambire Wallet and collab: Use Crypto for real-world services

Ambire Wallet, the first-ever open-source self-custodial smart contract wallet, has launched a new plug-in integration in partnership with a dApp called swappin-gifts.

Expansion of Ambire Wallet dApp Catalog 

The swappin-gifts dApp is available on the Ambire Wallet dApp Catalog with a special crypto-prize promotion between the 3rd and 17th of November 2022. 

Developed by industry veterans; it is an elegant solution to let users purchase gift cards from thousands of options covering more than 40 countries. These gift cards will support thousands of different cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains. This plug-in is built on Web3, will serve as an off-ramp solution.

Partnership Between dApp and Ambire Wallet

According to Ambire’s blog post, the dApp’s integration in the Ambire Wallet Catalog is an important partnership that can broaden crypto’s reach to real-life products and services. Users can select and buy experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds in just a few clicks simply by swapping their crypto assets for gift cards/vouchers. 

Furthermore, users can easily perform the purchase directly through their Ambire Wallet dashboard.

The integration comes with a 2-week promotional event where Ambire users can win up to 1000 USD in crypto as a reward. Ambire offers several price categories, and winners are chosen through a lucky draw.

Ambire AdEx and collab: Use Crypto for real-world services

What is Ambire AdEx?

For your information, Ambire AdEx is a decentralized advertising platform. It was designed to offer enhanced user privacy and transparency. It significantly reduces ad fraud and encourages reporting and micropayments for each impression verified in real-time blockchain. 

The collaboration between these two Web3 platforms is not unexpected because Ambire Wallet released its plug-in system and dApp Catalog earlier to transform the smart contract wallet into a direct access point for Web3. This made offering a curated collection of dApps possible. Users can now interact directly with these popular dApps on twelve EVM chains from their dashboard.

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