Cyber Security Made Simple

Cyber Tzar is a UK-based world class, market-leading SaaS (software-as-a service) cybersecurity analysis and reporting platform.

Developed by some of the UK’s most knowledgeable experts in cybersecurity and risk, Cyber Tzar has developed automated testing and risk based reporting to industry-accepted protocols of OWASP, NIST and MITRE. The result is a breakthrough in identifying, classifying and risk-reporting of websites based directly on their code and implementation.

CyberTzar testing routinely checks for hundreds of thousands of known issues. Uniquely, Cyber Tzar also tests SSL Certificate Health, provides Port Vulnerability scans and API scans.

Cyber Tzar was established with the goal of improving the understanding and management of cyber risk globally in order to facilitate a safer, more secure and trusted internet. We believe that the widespread adoption of quantitative Cyber Security Scoring is the key to achieving that goal.

Vision of Cyber Tzar:


Simplify cyber security risk tools, bringing them into the reach of users and decision makers to help them take up the challenge of cyber-security.


Reliably quantify risk by developing a standardised Cyber Security Score 


Pursue the universal adoption and publication of a regulated, quantitative risk-oriented Cyber Security Score