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Dark Reading Launches New Section Dedicated to ICS/OT Security

Dark Reading this week launched a new section — ICS/OT Security — focused on covering breaking news, technology trends, and insights into issues for securing industrial control systems and operational technology environments.

The industrial sector long has been a critical topic in Dark Reading’s comprehensive news coverage — we’ve been pioneering and reporting on news and topics in this space for nearly two decades, with in-depth coverage of the game-changer Stuxnet attack as well as Triton/Trisis, the Ukraine power grid attack, and Colonial Pipeline, and many other key research findings and technology advancements in OT. 

Dark Reading’s new ICS/OT Security section will help cybersecurity professionals navigate the challenges and trends unique to OT security, as well as the security implications of the convergence of IT and OT networks, including the relationship between the teams that manage securing the business network and those who manage securing the industrial one. 

This section will provide the latest news and analysis on threats and attacks against OT environments, as well as security tools, technologies, and strategies for protecting ICS and OT networks. This includes industrial systems such as medical devices and equipment, building automation systems, PLCs, SCADA, robotics systems, and other critical infrastructure components. 

Dark Reading already publishes a section dedicated to non-industrial IoT (Internet of Things) topics.

In keeping with the editorial mission of Dark Reading, the new ICS/OT Security section aims to provide you with the best and most in-depth ICS/OT security content to help you do your job on a day-to-day basis. If there are topics you’d like to see covered, news tips you would like to share — or if you’d like to tell us how we’re doing, please ping us via [email protected].

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