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How 3D Printing Has Become a Global Trend With Time

What occurs to your mind when you hear of 3D printing? The latest advent in technology? Well, truth be told, 3D printing shares a pristine history and became a force changer for many industries across the globe in the 1980s.

Now, the capabilities of 3D printing technology have diversified with time. Especially with the 3D printer equipment manufacturers devoting time to allocating and using various resources, every industry is making the most out of this benefit. 

Thus, with the portfolio of compatible materials, users demand and rightfully receive high-quality products and have greater choice in everything. It is important to note that the growth potential in 3D printing materials is different from printing equipment. After all, the legacy printers are still functional and continue to consume all kinds of materials.

Therefore, the 3D printing value chain has shown tremendous growth in the last few years. According to various experts, the net worth of 3D printing materials is all set to cross the $30 billion mark in the future. 

Technology and Applications

Today, seldom will you find an industry that is not making the most out of 3D printing. In reality, the 3D printing market offers broad materials for every industry globally. And the sales of 3D printers are growing since this tool has become a trendsetter across the globe.

The majority of which are still purchased by various companies and academic institutions. According to recent research, the sales of 3D printers skyrocketed last year, after companies and schools opened again. As of now, the sales of desktop 3D printers are at an all-time high and booming. 

The worldwide revenue from the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry is already impressive. Yet, it has miles to go since 3D printing is steadily finding pace in every company across the globe. Every country has shown impressive growth in terms of 3D printing. For example, if we take China for discussion, it is fair enough to say that China stands for concrete as the world’s center of mass manufacturing.

Now, it has embraced the power of 3D printing and is making the most out of it. According to a new report, it has been revealed that China will soon take over the US in terms of 3D printer sales anytime soon.

The sheer size of the country’s population is an answer to many questions. China itself is a market for brands that want to reach a larger audience. Last year, around a 0.25million printers, were sold in the country. But this number is expected to grow and bloom with time. This number is expected to cross the 1 million mark by 2025. Just like China, the printing market everywhere across the globe has shown tremendous change in revenue. 

How is 3D Printing Better?

Long story cut short, 3D printing has tons of benefits to offer. First of all, you don’t have to invest a lot of resources. This eventually helps in saving finances and major expenses in the long run.

Secondly, since 3D printing helps make the environment greener, it reduces the carbon footprint. This is enough reason why millions of companies globally are investing in 3D printing. The most recent one is the logistics industry, wherein it is crucial. Even large-format companies such as Massivit 3D are making the most out of this technology to save a lot of money in the long run. 

The shift to digital printing raises questions, but this technology has stood the test of time and is better than the conventional methods. More than contributing to a greener environment, it is helping revolutionize modern manufacturing methods. Now that customized 3D printing has been introduced, it has become an instant rage. 

According to recent research, small desktop printers are in higher demand than large industrial ones. The slight revenue growth in the industry has been the result of the demand by academic institutions. Even the 3D printing companies are focusing on providing diverse services to the clients since the demand of every firm is different.

Although the pandemic halted the growth, yet when everything returned to normal, the 3D printing industry witnessed larger-than-life growth. Therefore, it is fair enough for 3D printing firms to claim a fair share in the industrial market where the competition is at an all-time high. 

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