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Israel Cybersecurity Enterprise (ICE) Teams with CybeReady to Deliver World-Class Security Training

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 27, 2022 — CybeReady, provider of the world’s fastest security training platform, today announced the partnership with corporate security service provider ICE-LA (Israel Cybersecurity Enterprise Latin America) with the goal to implement its Autonomous Cybersecurity Training Platform throughout Latin America.

“Cybercrime increased in volume during the pandemic and has not abated,” noted KPMG report, A Triple Threat Across the Americas. “Companies surveyed report rises in frequency of various kinds of attacks, with phishing (cited by 44%), scamming (33%), malware (22%), and ransomware (20%), growing challenges for many. Overall, 79 percent of respondents saw growth in at least one of the types of attacks covered in the survey.”

Israel Cybersecurity Enterprise (ICE) Latin America is a high-level strategic consultancy that works with organizations to proactively build their cyber resilience and better respond to cyber-attacks within their networks. The company provides services, training, and local support throughout Latin America, leveraging a team of seasoned professionals with extensive cybersecurity experience in the field.

“In addition to sophisticated cybersecurity defenses, incident response, and cyber crisis management services, automated training processes are now a necessary part of any organization’s proactive defenses against a successful attack,” said Nathan Levy, CEO, of Israel Cybersecurity Enterprise. “As cyber-threats in Latin America mirror attacks occurring around the world, we are pleased to partner with CybeReady in our efforts to prepare business customers against these highly disruptive and costly situations.”

“Our partnership with ICE allows security officers across LATAM to easily implement a security awareness program that drives change and builds a security-minded culture quickly and effectively,” said Eitan Fogel, CybeReady’s CEO “We look forward to growing our business in these new regions and bringing our fully-automated platform to more enterprises – reducing the overall cyber risk from human-related factors.”

CybeReady’s fully-managed security training platform helps partners like ICE to guarantee the industry’s fastest risk mitigation – multiplying business customer security and safety. The platform operates 365 days a year, creating a continuous security culture and elevating the security awareness practice to that of other security solutions that operate year-round. With security teams often overloaded today with a nearly insurmountable number of tasks, CybeReady eases the training burden by providing everything needed to expedite training out-of-the box.

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