Cybersecurity: The State of Australian Websites

A clear challenge in cybersecurity is that businesses know cybersecurity is important, but do not know how to assess or address the real issues for their own situation.

Websites remain a central focus. This public face of business provides a first view into its cyber-vulnerability and points of attack, and is an easy target for ‘bots’ and other highly automated means of harvesting business information.

Sentria has delivered a first-of-its-kind report into the state of Australian websites. Analysis includes assessment of over 500 websites across a selected set of industries using Cyber Tzar automated reporting and risk assessment.

The report identifies that website security remains a critical issue, with over 95% of sites having one or more ‘high-impact’ vulnerabilities. More broadly, many sites from ‘brochureware’ to full e-commerce sites have an alarming level of vulnerability at the code level.

The report is anticipated to be the first in a series of reports assessing and tracking the state of Australian websites, and enabling businesses to benchmark their level of security and approach to preventing cyberattack.