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Should You Choose Angular, React, or Vue?

Most developers are wondering which framework should I choose. We are talking about the three most popular, namely Angular, React, and Vue. We will try to understand this by making a small comparison.


Google is responsible for developing and maintaining Angular along with an international development team.


In this case, the international group that develops and maintains React is Facebook (Meta).


In the case of Vue, things are somewhat different, since it does not have an international company for development and maintenance, but a team of employees around the world, chief among which is Evan Yu as its creator.

Framework Philosophy

Now consider the different philosophies for each framework.


The core philosophy of Angular is to give everything a developer needs, as Angular is a framework with many features already built in, such as form validation, HTTP request submission, routing, state handling, and more.

Because of this, many refer to Angular as a platform rather than a framework due to the large number of features built into it. And not only because of the features or capabilities that can be used at the development level but also because of its ecosystem in which its core (which is managed by Google’s development and maintenance team) has additional tools such as command line, interfaces for managing and creating projects, easily add support for progressive web pages (PWA), etc.

In the functions section of the official website, you can explore the built-in functions in more detail, as well as get the documentation guidelines, which have an extensive catalog of Angular functions.

All this shows us that it’s very unlikely to run into a problem when Angular itself doesn’t have a built-in function to solve it.


Unlike Angular, React is the opposite, it focuses on being as minimalist as possible with an emphasis on UI design, so it’s considered more of a library than a framework itself. React calls itself a library. While it also has detailed documentation on how to use its functions, React has far fewer built-in functions than Angular.

So when developing a project, you end up using a lot of 3rd party packages or other resources, be it for routing, handling state, sending HTTP requests, etc.

This can lead to different points of view. Many people think about how minimalistic React is, while others think that the framework already has everything at hand to start working. Regardless, the React community is large, so if you run into problems, there’s likely to be a package or other resources available to help solve them.


We can say that Vue is in between Angular and React as it is a framework that offers some built-in features, but not as many as Angular. It mainly focuses on built-in features that are essential for writing code, such as routing and state handling, which are supported by the Vue team, but other features, such as form validation, are not built-in and depend on a third-party package. So it will be more than React but less than Angular in regards to inline functions.

Vue focuses on code, and despite having a good command line interface, it doesn’t have as many tools as Angular, although it’s slightly better than React.

To sum up, Angular has a lot of built-in features, React is minimalistic in this respect, and Vue is somewhere in between. But all these frameworks and libraries are focused on building user interfaces from reusable components and that doesn’t change whether you work with one or the other as they focus on making application development more powerful and easier for developers, so they adopt the concept of building user interfaces from components.

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