Risk of Cyber Attack

Understand exactly your risk of cyber-attack with our simple 3-step process:

  • A report on each security exploit, ranked by the level of cyber-attack risk
  • Repair the security vulnerbility, with price and timing suited to your budget
  • Maintain your web security via our low-cost support service

Understanding Business Risk

The risk to business of a compromised website will depend on website content and function, however even the simplest of websites provides important hacking information such as:

  • Business information for phishing scams
  • Website architecture for ‘bot’-based vulnerability identification
  • Client contact forms, enabling redirect and personal information capture

Our simple reporting process allows businesses to understand the level of exposure to cyber-attack, allowing you to understand the degree of exposure of your business.

Fix at the Core

Unsecure website code can be found by hackers using automated ‘bots’. Identifying and fixing code is the most secure way of ensuring the safety of your business website. Sentria’s breakthrough report and repair pricing brings this within reach of mainstream businesses.

Legal Compliance

Data security laws apply to almost all buisnesses and all websites.
Improperly or inadequately secured data – including data stored on the web – puts you at risk of prosecution

  • $2.1 to $10 million for serious or repeated breaches
  • $12,600 for individuals
  • Potential jail sentence

You must notify the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner if data breaches occur.
Sentria can help keep you legally compliant and protected.

Where are you now on your website security journey?